Thursday, February 18, 2010

31w: Nursery Pictures

Yes, today marks yet another week pregnant.  Hurray! Tomorrow I will post with pictures and details of our hot date, but I wanted to put up some pictures to show all of the hard work that my mother-in-law put in on our nursery while she was here.  So, here is before:
And then here is the same scene after, with my free glider and a basket of baby toys and things:
Here is a picture of my hard-working mother-in-law, on a much-needed evening break, snuggling with my mom's cats (who have 1 more week left with us; if all is well at my 32 week growth scan and non-stress test, they are going home to their mommy).
And here are the same sweet cats, with my big Trouble Maker.  They were keeping me company in bed, and gradually squeezing me out this morning.  But I let them because I am a big softie when it comes to cats.

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