Friday, February 12, 2010

30w1d: Good News Update

Today I am feeling very happy and optimistic.  I had my LAST cervical check this morning!  My OB said that he doesn't like to bother cervixes after this point, so given that I am still stable, and have been for 8 weeks now, I am allowed to start increasing activity.  That means that I don't have to stay in bed anymore, so I will start going back downstairs and eating dinner at the table like a normal person.  He also suggested that I take two 2-hour trips out each week!  So of course, being the planner that I am, I have already planned my trips for the next two weeks.  First, I am going to go to Babies R Us with my mother-in-law to finish registering.  We were supposed to go together at Christmas but I didn't make it up to Maine.  I want her to be a part of all of this since we have been so far apart for all but 3 days of my pregnancy so far, and these are her grandsons!

Then, after my in-laws leave, we have dinner reservations at a small restaurant near us.  Just Eric and me.  And a bottle of wine.  Ok, I know you are not supposed to have wine, so go report me to the Pregnancy Police, but I am going to have a little wine with my dinner next week.  Not half the bottle, or even a full glass, but some.  I am so excited for this evening out, and I am so glad we are going to get to do it before the babies come, since I know opportunities will be scarce after the babies are here.

My OB also addressed delivery with me.  Both boys are head down, and have been head-down since about 20 weeks.  He said that he wants to have a vaginal delivery (this is good, because I do, too!) and that he does not do episiotomies except in very exceptional circumstances (also good news).  He did say if Baby B does not descend quickly he will use a vacuum to help out.  He said when delivering 2, getting things moving in a timely manner is helpful because I will likely be tired.  He also said that he will start an epidural no matter what.  I would like to try without medications, but he said it is important to have it started in the event that I can't deliver B vaginally and we need to have a C-section.  He did let me know that this is very rare, but better safe than sorry.  I am really not attached to any one birth plan.  If there is one thing that I have discovered in this process, it is that things almost never go the way you plan.  I did not get pregnant the way I wanted, I did not get to enjoy pregnancy the way I wanted, and so I want to be flexible on delivering the way I want.  All I really, truly want are two healthy babies, and I don't give a damn how they get here.

So, that is the pregnancy news for now.  I am excited because the winter Olympics start tonight, and I love watching the Olympics.  My favorite events are figure skating (men, women, and pairs), ice dancing, snowboarding, aerial skiing, and speed skating.  I know that with my pregnancy hormones I will probably cry at every medal ceremony, too. 

When I was younger, we always watched all the skating.  My sister wanted to do ice dancing, although without the ice and the skates.  She would put on music in our family room and make my dad dance with her.  Because she was about 9 and little, he could actually do some lifts with her.  It was so cute and definitely a wonderful memory.  My dad is the kind of guy who will do anything for us (in case you hadn't caught on with all the spoiling he does even now), including lifting his daughters and twirling them around the family room.  Winter Olympics never come without us reminiscing over this!

Ok, and to end, my weekly pregnancy update:
How far along?  30 weeks, 1 day
Total weight gain/loss?  I am packing on the pounds now!  I have put on 32 pounds in the pregnancy so far. 
Maternity clothes?  You bet.  I think I might treat myself to something cute for my shower in two weeks.
Stretch marks? None yet!  I do use cocoa butter, but I am resigned to getting stretch marks.  If it happens, it happens.
Sleep?  Up and down.  I took Tylenol PM a few nights while I had a cold because I couldn't breathe and wasn't sleeping.  Now I have been falling asleep ok, but waking up early.  This morning we were under attack from the cats from about 6:15 until we gave in and got up at 7:30.  Sometimes there is such a thing as too much love...
Best moment last week? Today's appointment was pretty good!  I am thrilled to have remained stable and be getting back some activities.
Movement?  They are definitely getting bigger.  I think A's feet are hurting my side!  They seem to be most active around 11 pm when I am trying to go to sleep.  I am hoping they don't keep that schedule on the outside.
Food cravings? I am still craving a lot of fruit.  I am in LOVE with cocktail grapefruits.  They taste to me like a hybrid of oranges and grapefruits, but my mom thinks they are Pomelos and tangerines?  Regardless, they are so good that I like to eat at least one a day.
Gender? Two boys!
Labor signs? Same old Braxton-Hicks.  Obviously not a sign of labor since I have been having them for about 12 weeks now.
Belly button in/out? It is still in.  I am not sure it will ever pop, actually.
What I miss: Sledding.  This would be an amazing winter to go sledding.
What I am looking forward to: I'm looking forward to my two outings this week!  And of course the visit from my in-laws.
Milestones: 30 weeks.  These babies are now pretty much 100% viable if they were born today.  I am so, so relieved.  I feel myself becoming more attached and in love with them every day, and my feelings are shifting from anxiety to excitement.

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