Saturday, January 30, 2010

28w2d: Pregnancy Stats

How far along?  28 weeks, 2 days
Total weight gain/loss?  As of last week, I had actually gained 3 more pounds.  I feel bigger this week, so maybe I am gaining more.  Last week, I was up 26 pounds total.
Maternity clothes?  Yes, but today I am wearing non-maternity lounge pants and a t-shirt from the non-maternity Gap.
Stretch marks? None yet.  But it feels like the skin on my belly is getting tighter, so maybe soon.
Sleep?  Surprisingly, I have been sleeping pretty well.  Not taking anything to help me fall asleep, and not waking up too much.  Except last night, when I had a nightmare and then had trouble sleeping well the rest of the night.
Best moment last week? Having that extra 1 cm on my cervical length.
Movement?  Still moving in there, but they are not cooperative.  My dad hasn't felt them yet and every time he comes to feel them they stop, only to start right up again when he walks away.
Food cravings? Everything.  I want some of everything, some fries with ketchup, meat, vegetables, fruit, dessert... I don't even eat that much but if someone mentions a food, I want it.
Gender? Two boys!
Labor signs? Same old Braxton Hicks.
Belly button in/out? Still in!
What I miss: This week I have had my first cravings for alcohol.  I really want an icy mojito from this place, Felix, where I go with my friend Amanda sometimes.  We haven't been in years, but that is still my favorite mojito and I could drink one right now if I were allowed.  Also, ice-cold champagne.  Good champagne.
What I am looking forward to: Eric is coming home tonight!  That is, if it stops raining in Orlando and snowing here. 
Milestones: I made it to my 28 week scan and am still pregnant.  It feels like every day is a milestone, but I have to say that I am a little more relaxed now that I am past 28 weeks.  Now, to get to 30...
Last night we had Shabbat dinner in my room.  There were 8 of us!  This picture is of (L-R): My cousin Jess, her husband Emil, my aunt Jane, and uncle Ed.  Also in the picture you can see Max and Ian keeping my feet warm, and Elana's feet in argyle socks.  Jane made two huge pots of chili, one beef and bean, and one vegetarian.  Sharon made a challah, and Dad went out and bought an ice cream pie (I wanted a cake, but it turns out that they need 24 hours notice, not 2 to 4 as my dad heard them say the week before).  Eventually I will have my cake!  In the meantime, the ice cream in the pie was good and everyone seemed to like it.  

Tonight Eric comes home!  Unfortunately, it's raining in Orlando and snowing here so it seems like his flight will be delayed, it's just a question of how long.  Since Eric is gone, we are going to order in some sushi.  Eric hates sushi, and I love it.  So I take advantage of the opportunity to eat it when he's not around!  Sharon is also making sesame noodles with vegetables and some pickled cucumbers for us.  It sounds good to me, I don't know what it will be like with Sharon gone.  She is always making sure that I eat my fruits and vegetables and proteins.  

Today is also my parents' 33rd wedding anniversary!  Congratulations to them, and I hope by their 35th I have my act together to throw them a really great party (or celebrate with them however they would like).

As a parting note, a picture of the sweetest kittens in the world.  It is hard to see what is happening here, and it might look like they are fighting.  In actuality, they are napping.  They were fighting but were equally exhausted and fell asleep mid-tussle.  Adorable.

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