Saturday, January 2, 2010

24w2d: Our New Years

Starting New Years Eve 2003, I have hosted friends for dinner. Over the years, our plans have evolved. In 2003, it was just girls, we made a huge dinner (lobster!) and then went out to a bar for midnight. In 2004, Eric and I had been dating 8 months and my friend Alissa and her now-husband Greg had been dating 9 months, so men were involved. Some years, people haven't been able to make it and we have had dinner with my parents, another year I fell asleep before midnight, but the tradition is: good food, good friends, and no pressure to get drunk or be out driving.

This year we had our core group of ladies: Alissa, Amanda, and me; and our significant others. Greg and Alissa were married in June, and Amanda came with her boyfriend of one year, Brad. For dinner, my friend Shoshana also joined us, along with her boyfriend Jordan. I am usually in charge of the big dinner, but this year I had to just boss from the sidelines. I find being bossy from the sidelines frustrating and unrewarding, so for the most part, I did nothing. Eric and my friends made:
A beef roast with horseradish sauce
Spinach gratin
Mashed yukon gold potatoes
Strawberry-rhubarb crumble
Pretty traditional food, but nice for a winter night. Things were not timed the way I would have liked them if I had been in charge, but I am trying to relax my need to control things!

I woke up in the morning and was again frustrated. The kitchen hadn't been cleaned, and the cheese we snacked on before dinner had been sitting out all night! My fingers itched to get to cleaning, but I am happy to say that I was able to resist. It was really tough, because Eric didn't clean everything up until about 6:30 pm, and I was downstairs on the couch just staring at the mess. But I am going to consider it a triumph on my part that I didn't do anything.

I did not make any resolutions (I mean, really, why should I? I am perfect as I am, ha!), but I do have some hopes for this year:

1) I would like to be pregnant for at least two months of this year. If I make it to March, that is 32 weeks pregnant, and we would be out of any real danger. At this point, 8 weeks seems like it could be an eternity, but I am already 3 weeks into this and doing fine, so I am hopeful I can do it. Now, cervix, please cooperate!

2) I hope that my boys will be healthy, no matter when they arrive.

3) Once my boys are here, I want to become active again and get back into shape. This shouldn't be hard, since I have always been active before and am dying to get back to it!

4) I want to be a good mom to my boys, whatever that means. I know I will love them to pieces, but I hope I can give them all they need, and I want them to have happy lives from the very beginning. They certainly are lucky to be coming to a family so full of love and affection, so this should be easily accomplished.

I would not say that 2010 is off to a smashing start, mostly more crappy TV and time on the internet, but I am positive the year won't go out the way it is starting!

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