Sunday, January 17, 2010

26w3d: The Kindness of Others

Here is a picture of the inside of our refrigerator.  We have two different kinds of soup, spaghetti and meat sauce, steak, potatoes, various vegetables, turkey cutlets, three kinds of bread, cheeses, lunch meats, eggs, milk, yogurt, salad ingredients, fruits...  It is so full in there that we can't fit another thing in!  I wanted to cut up a melon and couldn't because there isn't any room to refrigerate it!  So tonight is leftover night, I am hoping that we can finish up some food and make room.  The majority of the leftovers are food gifts from friends and neighbors, and of course my mom.  It has made such a big difference, since Eric is working like crazy and often doesn't have time to make anything complicated.

There is not much new here.  Peanut has stayed glued to me all day today.  It has been a very quiet weekend.  After guests for dinner on Friday night, we have not had any company.

Yesterday I was feeling pretty down.  During the week it is not so hard to be on bedrest.  Everyone goes to work and complains about it.  I am doing what everyone who wakes up at 6 am and goes to the office, fighting bad weather and rush hour traffic wishes they could do: staying in bed in my pajamas!  But on the weekend, the rest of the world gets to do the fun stuff, like meeting people for brunch, shopping, going out to dinner at a nice restaurant with their significant other... and I am home watching bad TV.  And weekend TV is really the pits, they put on all kinds of lousy movies that I don't even know who watches them.  I also didn't feel that well physically, I was having a lot of Braxton-Hicks (none of them consistent or close enough together to warrant calling the OB) and that got me worrying.  I also decided I wasn't feeling the babies enough and worried about that.  So a bad emotional day combined with a bad physical day was just plain lousy.  After dinner, I watched "It's Complicated" and ate some ice cream, which helped.

All I can think about is the end of bedrest and what will happen between now and then.  In a couple of weeks my sister will come and visit, she is babysitting me while Eric is in Orlando at a convention and my mom is in Asia.  The following weekend my mom comes home, and then it is Valentine's weekend.  I sincerely hope that Eric will do something for me for Valentine's Day!  And then my in-laws come, and after they leave, I will be 31 weeks and almost at the end of the bedrest road.  Not so bad if I lay it out like that...

And here is a picture of my buddy-of-the-day:

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  1. I love following your blog, stay positive, we'll be there with you soon.
    P.S. Make room in your frig too, because we are bringing more.

    Love you, Pat & Steve