Friday, January 15, 2010

26w1d: The week's stats

How far along?  26 weeks, 1 day
Total weight gain/loss?  Given my lack of gaining, I decided I could bear to look at the scale.  According to the scale, I have gained a total of 23 pounds with the pregnancy, which, for a twin pregnancy is not much. I am up 0 pounds from last week, again.
Maternity clothes?  Yes, today I am wearing maternity leggings with a non-maternity dress.
Stretch marks? None!  Let's keep this up.
Sleep?  This week my sleep has been MUCH better.  I even had Eric buy Tylenol PM for me, but I haven't needed it at all.  I think part of the better sleep might be related to the fact that Eric went and bought us a humidifier.  He is snoring less, and I am able to sleep with my mouth closed, which is much more comfortable for me.
Best moment last week? Getting told everything is still stable, and that I can do more things once I hit 32 weeks.
Movement?  Still feeling the babies all the time.  Today I haven't felt anything major, just kicks and flutters.
Food cravings?  I will crave almost any food you mention to me.  Nothing has made me order Eric to go out and get me something, but whatever I see cooked on Food Network, I want.  I definitely print out at least one recipe a day for someone to cook for me.  And my friend Shoshana went to Wendy's to get me a Frosty the other night.
Gender? Two boys, still.
Labor signs? None, just my usual Braxton-Hicks.
Belly button in/out? In.  Still have a little ways to go before it's flat.
What I miss: Paris!  My mom is there now and I would love to be there and eating some good French food.
What I am looking forward to: I think this week is a slow one.  I am looking forward to Wednesday, when I enter the 3rd trimester, and Thursday which will be my bedrest halfway point.
Milestones:  No real milestones, just the accomplishment of being pregnant another week.

No news from the OB about the outcome of my glucose test.  So I guess I have all weekend (and maybe Monday?) to not know.  I'm not going to worry about it, but I am eager to hear the results.

Today my friend Dan brought me lunch from Five Guys.  I thought, "I'm not going to eat this whole burger!"  Well, those burgers are SO good.  I ate the whole thing, and fries, in a matter of minutes.  And if there had been more burgers around, I bet I would have eaten those, too.  The visit was pretty fast, so hopefully he'll come back again soon.  Although he was able to come because he is currently unemployed, and for his benefit, I hope he works again soon!

Then I met with a doula.  She is an old friend of the family who has known me since I was 2.  When I was little (ages 2-9), we lived around the corner from her family and her youngest daughter (she has 5!) was a friend and classmate of mine.  She has worked for 28 years, almost as long as I have been alive, as a doula and lactation consultant.  Anyway, we met and talked about how I envisioned my labor and what job I saw a doula performing.  I told her I was looking for a calm and knowledgeable presence, because if I am in labor, I am pretty sure Eric will be green and hiding in a corner.  Eric is not the kind of guy who says, "I want to be right there with you honey!"  Instead he says, "I don't want to see any blood or anything...  I'll just hold your hand." 

I am still hopeful that I'll get to have a vaginal birth.  Baby A has been head-down at ever visit from 20 weeks on, and B has been head-down since then as well.  This is a good start, although there is still plenty of time for them to change their positions if they want to!  My OB has said that as long as Baby A is head down when I go into labor, he is willing to do a vaginal birth.  So, stay put babies!  It's just so hard to plan all of this when I don't really know how long I'll stay pregnant, or if I will end up in labor before the babies are full-term and able to be with me rather than in the NICU.  We talked about my best-case scenario, but of course not about the worst.  I have to say that I am definitely focused on best-case, and me being pregnant til at least 36 weeks, and having a vaginal birth, and bringing my boys home with me from the hospital.

Eric is in the kitchen right now cooking dinner.  We are having my dad (abandoned by mom for her trip to Paris), my friend Shoshana and her boyfriend, Jordan.  Eric is making marinated flank steak, roasted broccoli and potatoes, I am making a salad, and he is making banana bread for dessert.  Eric has been wonderful today, doing all of this cooking.  I feel awful that I can't help, it drives me nuts!  I won't say that he hasn't complained, because he has made his dissatisfaction known, but he is doing it all anyway.

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