Saturday, January 23, 2010

27w2d: A Very Merry Un-Birthday

Last night Eric made dinner for my dad and me.  It was a recipe from the October 2009 Bon Appetit (, a salmon with broccolini, rice, and a honey-lime glaze.  It was a one-pot meal, and it was so good!  A few weeks ago I made a list of dinner ideas from that were quick and easy, for Eric to make for us while he is in charge.  We have our usual repertoire of foods, but I wanted to try some new stuff, and this was on the list.  We will definitely revisit it in the future!

We put my dad in charge of dessert, which meant telling him where to buy something and what to buy.  I have been thinking about ice cream cake ever since Baskin-Robbins started running those stupid "Ice Cream and Cake!" ads a few months ago (I may have mentioned that I am VERY susceptible to advertising).  So Dad went and got an ice cream cake, and I said we were celebrating the un-birthday of my boys.  Cheers to that!  Tonight I will celebrate another un-birthday with some cake leftovers.

Speaking of susceptible to advertising, today I have been a little emotional.  First, the State Farm ads.  Has anyone seen these?  It's "I'll Be There" in the background with all these touching scenes of people helping people.  A tear-jerker.  And, worse than that, the ASPCA ad with Sarah McLachlan.  It came on today while I was watching figure-skating and I was sobbing!  All those sweet little pets, abused and mistreated.  Who could do that?!?!  If my cats are with me when that ad comes on, I won't let them watch.  My two boys came from the SPCA and I don't want them to know what happens to other, less fortunate, pets.

Overall, though, I have been in a pretty good mood, all things considered.  It is a little bit fun to be spoiled with breakfast in bed, I must admit.  At lunch my friend Alex came and we had a good gossip session.  Eric went to the library where I had them pull a new batch of chick lit for me and I now have a fresh stack of books to get through.  I am now much more eager to read than watch TV, which is the reverse of the previous few weeks.  At dinner time, Molly and her husband Jon came with their son Nate.  Nate turns two on Friday and I can't believe it!  It seems like yesterday that Molly was pregnant, and now Nate is this big toddler, running everywhere and chattering away.  We got take-out Chinese, and I let Eric convince me to order General Tso's, which is sooo bad for you but actually good... don't tell the Foodie Police I said that.

And I included a belated 27 week belly picture, taken today.  My hair is a mess from being in bed, surprise surprise.  I am next to a vase of beautiful red roses that were a gift from my dad!  Now I have something to look at and cheer me up.

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