Wednesday, January 6, 2010

24w6d: The men in my life

The boys I'm carrying will be just two more boys in my life. Other than my loving and handsome husband, I have two male cats: Peanut and Trouble. I may be a proud mom, but I truly believe that my cats are the two best-looking cats on the planet. I am not sure how to get an agent for cats, but if I could, I would get Trouble into modeling because there isn't a more handsome cat anywhere. Trouble is also very sweet, and had an interview to be a therapy pet. Therapy pets visit residential facilities, like nursing homes, and help cheer people up. Trouble passed his interview, but he didn't handle the ride there or back very well. On the way there he vomited, and on the way home he pooped on the floor mat. In between he foamed at the mouth and got kitty spittle all over the car's interior. It was recommended that he spend some more time in the car and get used to it before he continue on with any therapy duties. Shortly after his interview, I found out I was pregnant, so I haven't pursued any trips with him in the car... I just don't need the extra stress.

And, recently, my parents adopted two male cats of their own: Max and Ian. We found these little kitties in Sonoma County, and at the time we found them they each weighed about 2 pounds and were quite scraggly! Over the months they have managed to put on weight and become quite adorable. These are two of the sweetest cats in the world, and they love to snuggle, with each other and with other people. While my parents are out of town, we have babysat them here. And when that happens, I am one woman in a house with a husband, 4 male cats, and 2 unborn male babies!

I also have to be honest-- the real purpose of this post was just to put up pictures of cats. Expect a lot more of that in the future!

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