Thursday, January 21, 2010

27w: Son of a Bitch!

Tonight will be short-- because I am in the hospital!  Everything is fine with the babies, it is just that my cervix got shorter and so I was sent for monitoring.  The monitoring showed that I was having several small contractions that I wasn't feeling, so my OB decided that I should stay overnight.  He gave me a dose of Procardia to stop the contractions, and it does seem that it has quieted things down.  But he wants to monitor me again when the Procardia is out of my system to see if the contractions have picked up again.  If they have, he mentioned the possibility of me taking Procardia regularly.

It makes me wonder, I was having some discomfort yesterday that I dismissed as "growing pains."  Should I have called to come in?  I know it is a high-risk practice, and so they are used to people calling all the time, but I figured I would be in today so that we'd just see then.  Now I am kind of kicking myself, what if I could have saved a few millimeters of my cervix?  Too late now, of course.

My OB has set 30 weeks as the first goal, since at 30 weeks he expects that the boys will be big enough and strong enough to thrive after birth (of course after some time in the NICU).  I told him I will do whatever he tells me to make it 30 weeks.  He is putting me on stricter bedrest-- I had been allowed to go up and down the stairs a couple of times a day, and get up to make my own snacks or whatever, and now those privileges are gone.  I am going to have to stay in bed all day everyday, getting up to use the toilet and shower, and that's it.  That is going to be really tough!  But it doesn't matter, I can do it, because it is only 3 weeks and it matters for the rest of my babies' lives.

Oh, the "good" news-- my cervix, while short, remains closed.  So I am not about to drop these babies out of my uterus or anything.  And, I finally gained some weight, thanks to Frostys, cheeseburgers, and dessert.  I will now return to my regular eating, no gorging on fatty food for me!

Tomorrow (or whenever I am home), I will update about the glucose test, and whatever other news there is to share.  Hopefully only good news from the OB. 


  1. Oh no! I can't believe you are/ were in the hospital! I am glad to hear your cervix is closed shut. I hope everything is going well today, I will be thinking of you and crossing everything and praying.

  2. Hi Becca,
    Hang in there, it will all be worth it in the end. As far as solid bedrest, have Eric pack your lunch, snacks and drinks in a cooler that you can keep by your bed. Take care!