Thursday, January 14, 2010

26w: Belly picture and update

So today I am 26 weeks.  Tomorrow makes 4 weeks of definite, don't do anything other than lie down and take seated showers bedrest, and it has been a month since I first got word that my cervix was throwing in the towel.  As Eric pointed out, we are getting into a routine now, which makes it easier, and time is passing relatively quickly.

On to the update: My cervix remains stable, measuring pretty much the same as last week.  Baby A is hanging out with his head right on top of my cervix, as he always is.  Eric said, "Well, if they hadn't already told us we're not allowed to have sex, we wouldn't have sex anymore."  Nothing like realizing there are a mere 2 cm between where his penis would go and where his son's head is.  So, stable is all I can ask for.  We've held on to stable for 4 weeks now, so it seems that we can keep this up for the long haul.

The good news was that the long haul has a definite end.  My OB said that at 32 weeks they'll stop looking at my cervix and just rely on non-stress tests to tell them how I'm doing.  That's 6 weeks away from today.  At that point I will be able to increase my level of activity slightly.  My sister asked if that means I'll be out dancing that weekend.  No, it means I will go out for a romantic dinner with my husband.  And, I have decided I'll have my baby shower that weekend, too.  Six more weeks and I might get to do some of the things I've fantasized about, like leave the house.  Six more weeks!  Four down, six to go.  That makes next Thursday another milestone: the bedrest halfway point.

I also went another week without gaining any weight.  The nurse said not to worry.  So, I won't worry, but will instead take this as a sign that I am meant to be eating more cheese.  And milkshakes.  Tomorrow my friend Dan is bringing us lunch from 5 Guys, I am getting a cheeseburger and fries.  Take that, babies!  But, I have to say this pregnancy thing sure does a number on you.  My hair, which all my life has been extremely curly, I mean so curly that people would ask me if I had African heritage, has been growing in straight.  And all of a sudden, I don't gain weight.  Pre-pregnancy I was the kind of person who would gain weight if I sat next to someone eating a pizza.  Ok, maybe not that bad, but I did put on 3 pounds in a week on my honeymoon.  Now here I am, eating cheeseburgers and last night I had a special treat-- a Frosty from Wendy's-- and nothing doing.  All I can say is, if there is any justice in this world, I will get to keep my straight hair and killer metabolism after this pregnancy, too!

And, in a last piece of news, I took my glucose tolerance test for gestational diabetes today.  I expect that they'll call tomorrow with the results, and I will update here.  Maybe I should have cake for breakfast just in case...

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  1. I would like to say that as a person with very curly hair as well, I am super jealous that yours is growing in straight. Enjoy the cheeseburgers! And you look great.