Thursday, January 7, 2010

A bit of perspective

I spend a great deal of time on online message boards. When we were trying to get pregnant, I went on a board called "Infertility," which I still visit, but I now also visit a board called, "Success after Infertility." Over time, you get pretty familiar with the other ladies on there even though you don't know them "in real life." One young woman is from my area and did her IVF with Dr. Glassner just as I did. After a long year of saving to afford IVF, she had her first IVF in October/November and found out she was pregnant just before Thanksgiving. Today she went in for her last appointment with Dr. Glassner to find her baby's heart had stopped beating. I am devastated for her and her husband, and can't imagine the shock and pain they must be in. It's times like these that you see how unfair the world can be.

It also makes me realize how lucky we have been. We were lucky to have our IVF covered in full by our insurance, lucky it worked, and lucky to have made it this far with two healthy babies. Here's hoping our luck holds out.

And I am hoping that the woman from the message board and her husband are able to get pregnant again and carry the pregnancy to term. I'll be thinking of her.

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