Wednesday, January 13, 2010

25w6d: Double digits!

Today I have 99 days left until I am full term.  99 days!  I have been on bedrest 30 days, and of course I am not expected to go to 40 weeks with twins, so we are making real progress here. 

Yesterday I had a visit from my friend Alli.  As you can see from the picture, she is also expecting.  She will be 32 weeks on Friday with her twins and is looking wonderful.  When she got pregnant with twins she was very worried about her ability to carry, since she is very small-framed.  I had no worries since I am built like a Russian peasant (Eric jokes I was built to pull plows across the Russian steppes.  I think there is truth to this).  And at 32 weeks she is still moving around and not on bedrest and I am imitating a vegetable by lying still all day.  She has done a wonderful job of growing some big babies, and I'm so happy for her (and her husband) that they will very soon be welcoming two new babies to their home.  It was wonderful to have her visit.  We met in graduate school 5 years ago now (ok, 5 1/2) and both got married in the summer of 2006 and both got pregnant in the summer of 2009.  She and her husband just moved out of the city and into the suburbs near me, so come spring, we have a ready-made playgroup of 4 babies.  I am excited at the transitions we have made in our lives and happy that I have someone to share the next step with.  After I saw her I gave my belly a lecture and told the boys that they have some growing to do because Alli's belly is way bigger and I want my boys big and fat before their appearance in the world.  Alli suggested that Eric start buying me Frosties from Wendy's and I have to say that I am not opposed to that idea!

Today my mom leaves for her big world tour.  First she flies to Paris, then Singapore, with a jaunt to Phuket, Thailand and some time in Hanoi, Vietnam.  She'll be gone 3 1/2 weeks!  I will really miss her.  She is amazingly helpful, she buys me all kinds of delicious groceries, things that Eric wouldn't think to pick up since he doesn't like them (grapefruit, cantaloupe, avocado), cooks for me (I have a stock of al sugo sauce and soup) and comes and sits with me in the afternoons.  She also came with me last week to my OB appointment so she could see the boys again.  My mom and I get along very well.  We like to do things like cook together, shop together, and travel together.  Unfortunately, we haven't gotten to do much of those things recently, but I just enjoy her company.  It will be hard to have her gone for so long, but when she returns I will be feeling much more positive about where we are in the pregnancy and will really be feeling like I'm in the home stretch.

The only good aspect of her departure is that she is leaving us with her kittens, Max and Ian, for 3 weeks.  It turns our house into a bit of a madhouse, because 4 cats is a lot, but her two are the world's best snugglers, and for someone who is lying down all the time, it's great to have a snuggler with you all the time.  Be warned: there will be many, many cat pictures in the coming weeks.

Tomorrow is my cervical check and I might try to take the glucose tolerance test for gestational diabetes.  I am not too concerned about the outcome of the test, but of course I am a little worried.  If they tell me no more dessert I will cry.  I mean, what else does the pregnant woman on bedrest have to live for if not chocolate?

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