Tuesday, January 5, 2010

24w5d: TV watching

I am doing a great deal of TV watching these days. There are many shows I love to watch re-runs of that I saw the first time through, like Beverly Hills, 90210 and Friends. Lately I have been watching these shows from a new perspective. On 90210, Andrea (the smart Jewish girl, I just wish she could have been sexier, I mean, why can't they ever have sexy Jewish girls on TV?) gets pregnant her freshman year of college, and ends up marrying the father. Anyway, she goes into pre-term labor around 24 weeks or so, and is put on bedrest. I didn't even remember this plot line from the first time around! Now, of course, I feel Andrea and I are kindred spirits, even beyond our dorky Jewishness. She gets hospitalized, but her water breaks around 27 weeks and she delivers her daughter prematurely. But even 90210 offers a happy ending-- after a summer in the NICU, the baby comes home and is fine.

On Friends, Chandler and Monica try for a while to conceive a baby, with no luck. So off they go to the fertility doctor, where they find that they both have fertility problems. On the show, Chandler and Monica decide against any fertility treatment, and I wonder about this. Is it because there is no real humor in fertility treatment? There is some humor in it... but maybe not for primetime TV. After what I have been through with infertility, I certainly see these shows differently now.

I have also tried watching some new TV. I decided that I am in position to be picky about what I watch, so I recorded Food Network's Worst Cooks in America. This show was TERRIBLE. I don't really know the two chefs who are hosting it, but they are not especially charismatic or interesting or (and I know this should not matter) appealing to look at. I mean, let's face it, Top Chef has Padma Lakshmi hosting for a reason. The premise of the show was that they would take the country's worst cooks and turn them into halfway decent cooks. In the first round, they chose the 12 worst and split them into two teams. They gave the cooks a recipe. They judged the cooks. And then the worst two cooks went home. So, the criteria that got the cooks from Round 1 to Round 2 were completely reversed. Anyway, I have deemed this show too stupid to watch, so no more of that.

I also watched the opening of The Bachelor. I'm a longtime Bachelor/Bachelorette watcher, and my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and friend Shoshana also watch. We often have online "dates" and watch at home but send IMs to each other talking about what's going on. The show is consistently stupid, but I love all the drama and so I keep watching. I am not sure how much I'm going to like this season, because the bachelor himself seems pretty dopey. He's cute, and there were a number of gratuitous shots of him without a shirt on, but I'm not sure what's there for substance. And the vast majority of women on the show this season seem to have jobs that involve the word "model" in them. Next week seems promising-- major drama where one of the lovely young ladies has sex with one of the producers!

That's it for my major TV watching. I am never unhappy with the choice of Law & Order, which is on endlessly all day long.

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