Thursday, January 28, 2010

28w: Growth Scan

Today finally brought some good news.  First the news I am less excited about: while the boys are both growing, and at the same rate, they are smaller than I would like.  They were both estimated to weigh 2 lbs, 4 oz right now, which is the 35th percentile for twins.  The OB said this is fine, and that I don't need to worry about doing anything differently (i.e. eating more), but I might try to add in some more fat and protein anyway.  Especially since I worry that they might have an early arrival, I would like them to gain as much as they can.  But the OB said that they are taking from me anyway, and that I will suffer before they do.  I guess I look small because I am growing little babies.  Again, who would have thought?  I am a big eater and have no trouble consuming mass quantities of food.  So how can I make little babies?

Now, the good news: the babies look perfect, all their organs are perfect, and their faces are as sweet as can be.  Poor Baby A is smooshed down in my pelvis and his face looked funny in 3D, but the tech assured me that babies like feeling all tucked in and that he is comfortable.  My cervix is still closed up tight, and was measuring 1 cm longer than a week ago, back where it was when I was allowed to be up and down the stairs.  Now, I am not about to go back to my old ways, and Eric said he wants me to stay in bed until 32 weeks to be safe.  I am going to see where things stand at 30 weeks (only 2 more weeks!!!!) and might do something like come downstairs for dinner a few times, but only with the doctor's ok.  In the meantime, I feel less anxious about how long this pregnancy will last.  I really think and hope we can do it!

When I came home the boys were kind of worked up and kicking around in there, and my uterus seemed a little irritable and so I had a few contractions, but now all is calm.  Aunt Sharon has spent the entire day in the kitchen.  I have smelled delicious things up here all day long.  She made us 18 calzones, which are now in the freezer, tons of sauces to put on things like pasta, rice, chicken, etc.  She made roasted vegetables, chocolate cookies with a kick of cayenne., and who knows what else.  And took me to the doctor, and brought me an omelet for breakfast, and brought me lunch.  Whew!  All I have done is lie still.

We got up really early this morning to leave for the appointment, and I was washing my face and I could hear Sharon talking.  I thought, "is she talking in her sleep?"  Then I heard a panicked, "BECCA!!!"  It turns out that my dear cat Trouble Maker knocked her wedding and engagement rings off her dresser and they were nowhere to be found.  I instantly wanted to search the whole house, but of course couldn't because I'm pretty sure it is against bedrest guidelines to bed over and run around in a panic.  We had to leave for the appointment without them, which was disheartening.  When we got home I called my dad and he came over with a flashlight to search under all the beds, but managed to find the rings right away, stuck under a bag in the guest room.  Thank goodness because I would have felt just awful if the rings were seriously missing.  The incident has made me wonder about people and pets living up to their names... Should I name my sons "Angel" and "Good Boy"?

And, there is more good news!  (Ok, yes, today has been a good day.)  One is that Eric's work is going incredibly well.  I am so proud of him, I tell him all the time that I think he is a genius but he thinks I am biased.  Could we both be right?  And, my mother-in-law went and bought us a double stroller!  It is a pretty fancy stroller that she found on craigslist, but it has been used for less than a year and looks like new.  Our first piece of baby gear!  I am excited because I was not going to register for the kind of stroller she got us, just because it felt excessive with the travel system and umbrella stroller we had already registered for; I just figured I would buy it at a later point.  But now we have one!  And, I committed to baby bedding.  I have been undecided on bedding since 15 weeks when we found out we were having boys, but I finally bought the bedding I liked first and ultimately best; it is in the picture on the left.  It is beginning to seem like we are having babies!

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  1. I like the bedding, very cute. Glad to hear you had a good day.